I am devoted to my plastic boxes. They’re not as aesthetically appealing as, say, an antique French armoire…but they are clear, sturdy, spill-resistant and easy to fit into any organizing system—whether you have a studio, or are cramming art supplies into a hall closet along with coats and scarves. (Did that!)

I use them for general storage:


These boxes hold paper pads, class kit materials, paints, inks–basically, all the materials I need access to, but don’t want or need on my table. They go in boxes, in the closet!

I also use plastic boxes for projects-in-progress. It’s just easier to keep things sorted this way, especially if I’m working on more than one magazine article, plus a class, plus making things to sell. I can also clean up much faster!


I love looking at those studio magazines that show beautiful storage, but for me, plastic boxes are the easiest and most efficient way to store (and find) art supplies and projects. What about you?