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Lately I’ve been journaling about topics that come from a huge variety of sources I’m taking in right now: Kelly Rae Roberts’ Flying Lessons, Laura Hollick’s Soul Art Studio and Teach Now. Each and every one of these classes and videos is pushing me in new directions, which is uncomfortable in a good way—like having a really good stretch after sitting at the computer for a long time.

One of the central questions that keeps coming up is this: What do I believe in?

Yeah, that’s not a huge question, or anything.

For me, this is currently centered around my business…but my business is such an integral part of my day-to-day existence that the two never really separate. This journal page ended up having what I might call a manifesto, if “manifesto” didn’t sound so political and bossy.

Sara Naumann blog art journaling act of making something

The page and the sentiment look pretty simple, as I’m looking at the photo above. Yet the statement finally came to me after a real struggle over a couple of days, where I just couldn’t articulate my answer to this question, no matter how much writing and thinking and processing I did. I guess some questions are easier to answer than others, right?

So on Saturday night, after Anna was in bed and Keith was absorbed in some kind of sports on TV, I took my notebooks and pens to the local cafe and had a pot of tea and apple cake and it finally sort of blurted itself out onto the page. (Maybe it was the apple cake?)

Oddly, the mood lighting in the cafe went really dim/ambiantic/red as I was highlighting the words, so I really wasn’t sure quite what I was getting on the page! I decided to finish it in the cafe with the strangely shifting light and the noise of conversations in another language around me and just let the mystery be.

Enjoy…and happy Wednesday!