Art & Soul Virginia is coming up soon! It always happens like this: If you want to teach at an art retreat like Art & Soul, you have to submit workshop proposals (with descriptions, photos of the projects and a class kit fee requirement) months in advance—like, 6 months or more!

This is great for keeping us organized as far as what to teach, but it also means (for me, anyway!) that the retreat can suddenly sneak up on you! So this week I’m making up the class kits for my Narrative Jewelry class. We’re going to play with ephemera and words to make customized pendants from Scrabble tiles and bezels, using Ice Resin.

Sara Naumann blog Narrative Jewelry kits in progress

Each little plastic container holds the tiny beads and findings for the pearl-strung necklace students will make. The plastic containers are recycled cracker containers and they're the perfect size for this kind of project!

Note the new tablecloth in my new work area! It’s a piece of oilcloth from Kitsch Kitchen, a very cool store here in Amsterdam. If you like bright, funky colors and prints, this store is for you. I love the cheerful color and how it just wipes clean from any spills…but I sometimes play hide-and-seek with my orange-handled scissors.

So my new studio space is slowly developing, as I’m bringing more things in from the igloo/old studio. You know, I went out there yesterday to get a package of baby wipes that I use to clean stamps with. I picked up the package and thought, “hmmm, this feels strange”…it was FROZEN. Yes, frozen! I’m glad to be inside, and so is my stuff.

Sara Naumann blog studio space new

Our corner-style baby gate is actually two pieces of Anna's old playpen. It works perfectly for blocking off my studio space.

Well, it’s back to the bead board for me! Happy Wednesday!