Welcome to Monday Morning Review! Today I’m all about e-courses, and from one teacher in particular: Susannah Conway.

Sara Naumann journals

I love to take classes. But I also live in Poland. And even if there were classes on creativity, journaling, writing, arting, anything—I couldn’t access them because of the language. So online classes are my way to go.

(They might be the best option for you even if you do have loads of great opportunities where you live. After all, many are designed so you can access materials at your own pace. And with video and Facebook pages and other social media, it’s possible to interact with other students if you choose.)

And yet, some online classes (just like regular classes) are better than others. And some really stand out. Susannah’s classes are stand-outs and I can’t recommend them enough. Go, run, click—but don’t miss out on some of the best classes I’ve ever taken. Yes, ever.

I’ve taken two of her e-courses this year: Journal Your Life and Unravelling. Both incorporate journaling, photography and a lot of introspection. Each week we received emails from Susannah, with videos, assignments, things to think about—all presented in a gentle and thoughtful manner.

In fact, I think it’s Susannah’s teaching style that I like best. She has a unique ability to present challenging and thought-provoking topics in a way that’s encouraging and reassuring. She’s open and authentic, but the class is still firmly centered on the student. I got to know her through her presentation, but the focus was not on her—it was on me getting to know me.

It’s obvious that she’s crafted these e-courses with care. They’re very well-organized, so you work through the materials in a logical fashion—but it’s not rigid, so you can stretch out certain assignments, or bypass the ones that don’t call to you. You’ll get a PDF of the materials at the end of the class so you can return to the topics later.

Susannah’s e-courses run 6-8 weeks, depending on the topic. The fee per class is £87-97, and they are worth every penny as far as I’m concerned. If you can take a class from her (Journal Your Life starts again in December), do it. They are by far some of the best quality classes, and best value for money, that I’ve taken online or off. If you’re even remotely interested in journaling, photography, blogging—any of the topics she teaches on—check them out. And grant yourself the time and focus to explore.

If I had to recommend a “best of” online class, it would definitely be Susannah’s. In fact, I’ll be signing up for my third Susannah e-course—Photo Meditations—in spring. Maybe I’ll see you in class!

Happy Monday!