Hooray…my Found Poetry workshop is going live on Creative Workshops tomorrow, January 23! After several months of preparation, filming (thanks, Rike!), video editing (thanks, Anthony!) and butterflies, I’m so delighted—and relieved—that the time to launch is almost here.

A massive thanks to Gail at Creative Workshops for making the process super-easy for me, the non-techie!

The class launches tomorrow, January 23, but it’s not a once-or-never thing. Students can sign up now, next week, next month…whenever suits your schedule. It’s a great way to make the most of your schedule.

I do hope you’ll join me for a journey into Found Poetry!

PS. I’ve been a bit absent from blogging…not because I wanted to, but because (as you can see) my website and blog are in the process of a revamp, and with the Christmas holidays and a month-long visit to the States, we moved a bit slowly. But it’s better than ever and as you can see, I’ll be sending out email newsletters soon, too!