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Sara Naumann blog Leiden butterflies image

As photographed in the train station loo.

Inspired by a train station bathroom? Well, yes.

A few weeks ago I went to meet a friend who lives in Leiden, a city about 40 minutes by train from Amsterdam. I have to say, the public loo at the Leiden train station is amazing—super-clean (yes, you pay 50 cents to go in), with a very cool collage-inspired wall featuring these butterflies. So last time I was there, I snapped a photo so I could remember this for inspiration.

I was trying to be inconspicuous about taking a photo in the toilet stall (why does the cell phone camera always click so loudly?) and feeling a bit strange in the process, but I’m glad I did it so I can use the idea for future collage play. I love the idea of creating a collage, then cutting the whole thing into a shape, like these butterflies—you could cut shapes freehand (I’m thinking to cut a lot of squares and arrange them as a paper mosaic) or die-cut more intricate shapes.

I’m still in Oregon and don’t have access to my crafty stash…but my mom and I are planning a few creative evenings, so maybe I’ll get a chance to get into her stash. (You know how other peoples’ stamps sometimes seem so much more exciting than your own?) We also placed an order for some more templates from The Crafter’s Workshop (she’s getting the punchinella template I love) so hopefully we can incorporate those,  too. Yay!