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Sara Naumann blog post Noordermarkt

I'm as weak as a kitten at this booth!

Last night I realized that I’m in for a light week this week, as far as work is concerned. I have a couple of deadlines in the far future, and I’m working in the Galerie de Pieter this Saturday but that’s about it. Last week was so busy with preparing for Create & Craft and traveling, so I’m going to see if I can take it easy a little this week. (Insert laughter as I add things to my to-do list…)

By the way, I still have leftover demos from Thursday’s show…I’ll snap some pics of a few and post them on here this week. (Yes, there’s one more thing for the list! Oh, well.)

Anyway, because I’m not rushing to get projects done or articles written or proposals in, I thought I’d pop down to the Noordermarkt to do some shopping. There’s a flea market there every Monday from 9:00-2:00, and it had been awhile since I’d last gone. Oh, my….buttons, ribbons, lace, old tins and jars, battered books and sheet music–so many tempting goodies, it was hard to keep control!

Sara Naumann blog post buttons Noordermarkt

Old buttons in soft vintage colors...

Sara Naumann blog post bright buttons

And buttons in black, red, pink and even crocheted buttons.

Sara Naumann blog post vintage books

A stack of vintage French and Dutch books, love them love them…

No, it’s not all for my personal use (like I need more buttons, for heaven’s sake) but mostly for collage packs I’ll put together for the Vendor Night at Art & Soul, and for my class kits. There’s something really fun about hunting and pecking for cool stuff for other people, too–coming upon a battered cardboard holding vintage glass buttons, or old books with the spine falling apart but glorious pages nested inside. My task this week (did I say I didn’t have much to do?!?) is to compile these collage packs, and I’m really looking forward to it!