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Life has been busy this week…between submitting workshop proposals, working on materials for Create & Craft (June 6!), making a display piece for the next Wondertree exhibit…oh, and Pilates (my valiant attempt to get rid of this post-baby belly), errands and of course, taking care of Miss Anna. I feel like I’m going 86 different directions at once, and not really getting much accomplished in the end.

Ever have days like that? Gah.

I can’t wait to get into my studio this weekend and release some of this nervous/frantic energy. I took these photos when I went to Leiden last week for a Wondertree meeting and saw this display at the used book market—the shelves are wooden boxes, and the whole thing kind of snakes along the square. It’s like book sculpture! I’m thinking to use either of the photos as a Lazertran image, maybe cut into pieces…hmmm…is it Saturday yet?