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Sara Naumann blog Mixed Media Circus 1

The *best* cupcakes. Ever. And I mean, ever.

I had a fantastic time at the Mixed Media Circus in Hamburg.

Major understatement.

Okay, so for someone who’s home with a baby a lot of the time, sometimes just going to the corner café for coffee is a big deal—so going out of town and also getting to make art is like heaven. The event was super-well organized, the people who attended were great, and I learned a ton of new techniques. Even better, I came home with completed pieces that I love. Here are a few snaps from the weekend—

Sara Naumann blog Mixed Media Circus paper book array

Our painted pages, ready to be folded into books. Love! (Mine's front and center, the purple-y one.)

Sara Naumann Mixed Media Circus pillow

A gel medium transfer onto canvas with lovely layers of paint, Glimmer Mist and gesso.

Sara Naumann blog Mixed Media Circus painted paper

Altered scrapbook paper for our book of techniques.

Sara Naumann blog Mixed Media Circus gesso

One of my favorites from the book of techniques—painted-over text paper.

Sara Naumann blog Mixed Media Circus fork paper

Not my favorite example, but I love the "fork-in-gel-medium" technique.

Sara Naumann blog Mixed Media Circus masking tape

I love this technique, I love this example...masking tape resist!

We also did two canvases, one that I adore and one that I like 99%–not enough to hang in my house, but enough to use as an example to make one almost like it to hang in my house. Um, did that make sense?

After the event, I had some time Monday morning before my train left to poke around in Hamburg’s shopping area. I didn’t have a ton of time, and I didn’t really feel like going all touristy (since I had all my luggage with me) so instead I went to the combo books/stationery shops and geeked out over all the notebooks and pencils and stuff. Love it!

A big thanks to Nathalie Kalbach and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer for sharing their time and expertise!