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Sara Naumann blog Sunday Market flyer

The ad for the Sunday Market at one of my favorite places in Amsterdam, the super-cool Westergasfabriek.

Last Sunday I tried something new—having a stall at the local Sunday Market.  It’s on every first Sunday of the month, and another artist and I decided to take the risk and try it out.

Sara Naumann blog Sunday Market

Thank goodness the weather held out for us!

I shared a stall with Gustavo Ramirez, who makes amazing papier mache totems and animals—really whimsical, colorful pieces. I met Gustavo at the AMS*DIY event in July. We shared because the stalls are actually quite large—13’ long—and neither one of us really had enough stuff to fill one by ourselves!

The market was fantastic—and this was a huge relief since: 1) we were outside and the weather in Holland is pretty whimsical in it’s own right; 2) we really didn’t know what to expect in terms of shoppers or organization; and 3) neither one of us really “do” markets like this on a regular basis, so there was a lot to learn! (Like, bring scissors next time.)

We both sold pieces, which of course was the point, but even better, for me, was the atmosphere. Walking around before the market opened at noon, I saw so many interesting stands and interesting people…the vibe was full of creativity and individuality. I felt strangely as though I’d found my people, so to speak…people who like to wear unusual jewelry or funky skirts or big flower hairclips or clunky boots. People who understand why you would make something to wear, or make something to decorate your house with.

And now I also know what kinds of things to change in my display, what kinds of pieces people like (bring more cocktail rings) and how generally to improve things for next time.

The whole experience felt like a risk-taking adventure of the very best kind. Yes, I know this isn’t skydiving or something outrageous…but when you’re paying for a stall, lugging jewelry and collages across town on two trams on Sunday morning…well, you want it to be worth your while. And of course, the idea of standing in a stall all day and not selling a thing is, quite frankly, really scary. So the risk was worth it and Gustavo and I are hoping to get a stall (indoors this time) for the November market. Fingers crossed!