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Happy New Year! 2012 has started out in a very busy fashion for me—probably for you, too! I’m in the midst of receiving a lot of packages at my parents’ house here in Oregon…lots of fun stuff for Art & Soul Virginia. I’ve just got a big box of Ice Resin and some ring blanks and pendants from Nunn Designs, both for my Narrative Jewelry class. Can’t wait to start getting these class kits together!

Registration for Art & Soul Virginia is now open, so if you live in the area (or just want to visit Virginia Beach), please check out the Art & Soul website. It’s March 1-6, and you can take workshops in all kinds of mixed media, from collage to fabric arts to painting and more. The classes are all individual, so you can stay for as many days as you want.

My workshops are:

Sunday, March 4: A Journal of Musings (6:30-9:30)

Sara Naumann blog Journal of Musings Art & Soul

The Journal of Musings class will be an evening combining simple meditation with journaling to give your creative spirit time for reflection and musing.

Monday, March 5: “Trans”-Formative Lazertran Collage (9:00-4:30)

Sara Naumann blog Lazertran class Art & Soul

Lazertran offers so many cool possibilities and this class is a full day of exploring the medium. It's super easy to do!

Monday, March 5: Narrative Jewelry (6:30-9:30)

Sara Naumann blog Narrative Jewelry class Art & Soul

In the Narrative Jewelry class, you'll combine words and fragments with pendants and findings to create meaningful pieces. We'll play with Ice Resin and lovely patera pendants from Nunn Design, plus Scrabble tiles.

Find out more (and get tempted by all the other cool classes) at the Art & Soul website!