Studio SN Sara NaumannWe’re here.


It’s been a little over a week since we moved to Poland; we’ve had a lot of help getting all the details sorted…so at last we can say we’re officially moved in! I love this big old house we’re living in and the fact that I finally have a studio/office room I can call my own.

Sara Naumann blog Poland house

Our 100-year-old house in Sopot, Poland—we live in one half of the house; the neighbors have a separate entrance from the other corner of the street.

The weekend was spent unpacking and arranging, and I’m absolutely giddy to get my hands on my papers, brushes, paints, inks, stamps, tools and everything else—it’s like seeing old friends after a long absence! And I just love the process of claiming a new space, especially for creative purposes: I now have a room with a door that closes, perfect for keeping a certain curious toddler out of messy and dangerous supplies—plus giant closets to keep my totes of workshop supplies, class samples, and class tools; a cabinet with files and records and (ugh) business expense reports, and lots of room for everything else.

Even better, I have space for two tables so I can dedicate one for papercrafting/stamping/art journaling, and another for jewelry making…it’s such a luxury to have the space that I am absolutely swooning. I no longer have to share with the kitchen activities—yay!

Did I mention the door that closes? Double swoon.

So a few things still need to be done in here, of course: Some wall décor will be nice, and I should probably clean that floor. But right now I am absolutely aching to make something—anything. The only creative work I’ve done for the past three weeks has been journal writing, and I’m just desperate to put some color onto something. So bear with me on these photos…you’ll see more changes to come.

Sara Naumann blog view of studio

The view from one side…

Sara Naumann blog view of studio

…and from the doorway. No, it’s not big—but it’s all mine!

Sara Naumann blog view of studio craft table

My paints, my inks, my old jam jars full of pens and brushes…

Sara Naumann blog craft table stuff

I have missed these tools!

Sara Naumann blog organizers

My main organizers—all from IKEA, and all on wheels. Stamps are in the gray cabinets, grouped by theme, like Flowers, Quotes, etc. (The drawers had labels but Anna removed all of them.) I also have a rescued wooden fruit tray to hold projects in process and lots of clear plastic boxes. I’ve got to be able to see what’s in the box or I forget about it. The red rolling carts have tools, punches and ribbons that I access all the time.

Sara Naumann blog closet

The closet in my room, filled with vintage papers and embellishments and other stuff I use all the time. Class supplies are organized in my clear boxes and in another closet (love the sheer idea of closet space!) in the hallway. Ahhhh….

Sara Naumann blog jewelry table stuff

The view of the jewelry making table. It’s covered with a very sophisticated plastic tablecloth featuring Easter bunnies and chicks…but it’s colorful (Anna loves it) and protects the desk from Ice Resin incidents.

Sara Naumann blog paper

Painted papers, just waiting to be used.

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